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We Grow, Plant & Sell Big Live Oak Trees.

Now servicing Florida, Louisiana, & Dallas
Situated on the outskirts of Houston, ITS provides Houston's landscapes with some of the finest and largest live oak trees. We use the finest fertilizers and the strongest bamboo to keep the trees growing tall and strong. We take pride in our trees and we want you to have as much pride in the tree you purchase from us as we had when we grew it for you!

Our Guarantee

With over 73 acres of land at our fingertips, we have the ability to grow some of the most beautiful, strong and large oak trees in Texas. We use only the finest fertilizers to maximize the growth potential for our trees. It is our main goal and guarantee that if you’re not completely satisfied with your beautiful oak tree, we will replace it at absolutely no cost to you!

Number One in Customer Service

For over 30 years, Independent Tree Services has planted thousands of trees in all areas of greater Houston. We pride ourselves in supplying outstanding trees, knowing our community well, and always ensuring that our customers are 100% satisfied. We hope that you will rely on us to make you a happy customer and make your yard or land look perfect!

We Grow Beautiful Oak Trees

If you’re from Texas than you know how hot the summer days can be! So unless you’re working on your tan, we have you covered, literally. We carry one of the largest selections of live oak trees, specializing in Heritage and Laurel Oaks. Give us a call and we will make your yard beautiful and shady. Not to mention, we will keep your electricity bill down!